Moving Statues Of A Man And Woman Pass Through Each Other Every Day, Perfectly Nail What Love Feels Like

The history of mankind doesn't lack of great and famous love stories — from Adam and Eve, to Romeo and Juliet, Antony and Cleopatra to John Lennon and Yoko months, but here's a beautiful love story you probably haven't heard: Ali and Nino.

Written by Azerbaijani author Kurban Said, the romantic novel depicts the affair between a Muslim boy, Ali, and Georgian princess, Nino who coming from different cultural and religious backgrounds, face many struggles in their path, only to find themselves separated for eternity by the invasion of Soviet Russia. First published back in 1937, the story has been translated into 37 languages and turned into a movie. However, the greatest tribute is their monument standing in Batumi, Georgia.

Walking along the promenade of Georgia's seaside city Batumi you will see two massive figures sharing an intense gaze. These are Ali and Nino.

Otherwise known as the 'Statue of Love,' it's a 23-foot-tall steel installation created by a noted Georgian artist, Tamara Kvesitadze.

The sculpture is supposed to narrate Ali and Nino's love story and does it in the most amazing and, literally, moving way possible as the entire installation is controlled by computer and it begins its journey every day at 7 p.m.
Slowly, the two lovebirds move towards each other until their bodies merge for a short hug. But just like Ali and Nino, these steel figures can't be together forever and the wheel keeps turning and they pass through one another , leaving their loved one behind.

The emotional spectacle takes about 10 minutes. Here, it is captured in six photographs.

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