This Video Is Taking The Internet By Storm Right Now. It Will Make You Question Everything

Have you ever wonder? Who would we be if world never gave us a label, except from human? How would the world be?
In the eye opening video posted below, a variety of speakers, hailing from a diverse range of racial and cultural backgrounds, answer all these questions and all come to the same conclusion; The Labels Were Made Up to Divide us. There is more to us as individuals than our color, our religion, or where we were born. We are human.
So when we judge someone based on their color, country of origin, job etc, we are failing to discover the true self which exists under all these labels. It is both a lost opportunity on our part and an clear injustice against the other’s right to be recognized as a whole and complete person.
“We were meant to be free and only until we remove them all, and stop living and thinking so small will we be free to see ourselves and each other for who we truly are.”

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