Shockingly These Twisted Vintage Portraits Were Made Before Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop dropped in 1988, and that meant the end of photography as we knew it. The same year, French artist Frédéric Fontenoy was capturing a set of really weird and ingenious images of people running in the wild naked, with the help of a panoramic camera. The series entitled Metamorphose presents twisted, but clearly human characters mounted by barren natural environment.

Fontenoy 's inpiration was the German sculptor and surrealist photographer from the 1930s. In turn, contemporary artists like Constant Dullart, Sam Cannon, and Lee Griggs continue both Bellmer and Fontenoy's artistic legacy wondering about how much can we distort the human form while still considering it human? Metamorphose was one of Fontenoy's first photographic experiments, but today he continues to make surreal photographs. However, this early series carries an enchanting and primitive sense resembling like a dance of elves rather than humans.

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