It's Art: The €1,000,000 Potato

"Potato #345," by Kevin Abosch

What do you think? Beautiful, interesting or just a potato? Art has always been disputable but for the unnamed buyer of Kevin Abosch's above portrait, "Potato #345," this was for sure something exceptional. Why else would he fork over €1,000,000 for it sometime last year? Abosch, whose work, Business Insider reports, "begins at $150,000 and can rise as high as $500,000 if commercial licensing comes into play," came to prominence for a similarly-lit photo of Johnny Depp. "Art and science is just the means to an end," Abosch explains, but we can't but wonder how much psychology affects the appraisal of his work. As Petapixel reports, the sale price of "Potato #345," nearly matches that of Edward Weston’s seminal “Nautilus (1927).” Is it the work that fetches a high price or the opposite?
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