Clever “Element” Crayons Help Kids Learn the Periodic Table as They Color

Many scientists agree that creativity and learning go well together as it's much easier for a kid to learn something difficult if it's presented in a funny and creative way. This is exactly what Etsy shop Que Interesante should have in mind when it matched each chemical element with a wax crayon adding some educational fun to art supplies. Now the kids can brighten up the pages of your favorite coloring book with Calcium, Potassium, and Titanium.

The pairing of chemical and color is done in a thoughtful and clever way—Que Interesante uses the “flame test” to determine the shade. This scientific procedure detects the presence of certain elements based on the color of the flame produced. For example, when Lithium is tested, produces a red flame, so it’s coupled with a crayon of the same color. Likewise, Barium emits a green blaze and is matched accordingly. The goal is to help children get in touch to the names of the elements so that they passively learn about them as they color with the least possible effort.

Que Interesante sells sets of 24, 96, and 120 labels, depending on how scientifically detailed you’d like your crayons and they are all available in their Etsy shop. Happy learning!

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