Artists Share Controversial Cartoons Depicting the Shocking Reality Of Modern Day Society

#1 The Soldier’s Future

Once again art is used in order to awaken consciences and expose all the ugliness of modern society. This time, two Romanian cartoonists, PeTry and CriSan, have put their imagination at their sketches to depict a satirical view of our modern world. They work for over 30 years and have been rewarded with more than 100 prizes in 24 countries. Their cartoons are largely satirical exposing numerous of topics including war, politics, immorality and the like.

#2 War

#3 Two Prisoners

#4 The Opening Ceremony of Life

#5 True Love

#6 Cure for Stupidity

#7 The Bible, Corrected by God

#8 The Brain

#9 The Revolutionary’s “victory”

#10 The Grandmaster

#11 The Truth About Original Sin

#12 Doctor Or Veterinary? Both!

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