Happy - The Inspiring Documentary that Searches for Happiness( Trailer )

What makes you happy?
From the filmmakers who brought you Long Night's Journey Into Day, Beyond the Call, and the Oscar nominated Genghis Blues, comes a global journey across all over the globe in a search for humanity's most intangible emotion.

HAPPY seeks to share the wisdom of traditional cultures and the cutting edge science that is now, for the first time, exploring human happiness. Through powerful interviews, we explore what makes people really happy across the world.
And as the director Roko Belic said in The Huffington Post, the greatest lesson he learned while working on this documentary for six years, was that his pursuit of happiness is not about him. It's about our relationships and how we help each other. It's about us.

Directed by - Roko Belic
Executive Producer - Tom Shadyac
Produced by - Eiji Shimizu, Frances Reid, Roko Belic
Uploaded by - Wadi Rum Films
via: Wadi Rum Films
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