15 Easy Things You Can Do to Help When You Feel Like Shit

1. Get a drink of water.
Dehydration is likely the reason you feel bad! Your body needs water. Not juice, soda, or alcohol - get a tall glass of water and drink all of it.

2. Make your bed.
When you have a lot to do and feel panic, making your bed can be the first step in getting your life on track.

3. Take a shower.
There is nothing more refreshing than a shower! And it can give you a burst of energy if you're feeling lethargic. Wash your hair and give yourself a head massage.

4. Have a snack - not junk food!
Did you eat enough today? It's super tempting to eat junk food when you feel like crap. If you don't feel like making a whole meal, maybe eat just a piece of fruit; something you can burn throughout the day and not in a burst of five minutes.

5. Take a walk.
Fresh air does wonders. Give your body some natural light, breathe fresh air, move your legs a little, even if it's for just five minutes. Allow yourself to think some different thoughts.

6. Change your clothes.
Even if you aren't going to leave the house today, put on real clothes. Or, if you've been wearing the same uncomfortable clothes all day and feel restless, change into your sleepy clothes and slippers and just relax.

7. Change your environment.
Staring at the house all day can be drudging. Can you work from a cafe, a library, or a friend's house? If you can add going somewhere to the list of things you did today, you may feel more accomplished.

8. Talk to someone, not on the internet - it can be about anything.
If you don't feel like talking through your troubles, that's OK. Visit a friend, talk to them about a movie you saw. Call your mom and see how she's doing.

9. Dance to an upbeat guilty pleasure song.
Pick something high energy and bump it.

10. Get some exercise.
Do some cardio, work up a sweat. If you don't have the time for a whole workout, look up a sun salutation on YouTube and stretch for as long as you have time.

11. Accomplish something - even if it's something tiny.
If you can't get to the big stuff on your list, focus on the small stuff, and don't forget to congratulate yourself for getting something, even if it's tiny, done.

12. Hug an animal.
Believe it. There is not a better treatment and stress relief than cuddling an animal.

13. Make a "done" list instead of a "to-do" list.
Instead of pushing yourself , start feeling better about what you did get done. It doesn't matter how small the task, prove to yourself that you're effectual.

14. Watch a YouTube video that always makes you laugh.

15. Give yourself permission to feel shitty.
You're a living person and sometimes you feel crap. This is how it is. You don't have to fix it all right now. If you try to fix it and it doesn't work, that doesn't mean it's hopeless. Give yourself the time and space you need to feel what you're feeling.

via: buzzfeed.com
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