The 11 Creepiest Things Ever Spotted On Google Maps ‘Street View’

1. Get back to prison!

It turns out that on Google Maps Street View, you can see anything. And when I say anything, I absolutely mean it. Most of the photos below are shocking scary. So, next time you will decide to turn into Street View, be prepared...

2. Oh hey guys..

3. A definite glitch in the matrix.

4. Run bear! Run!

5. Well hello there..

6. This has got to be fake…

7. So apparently ‘pigeon role-playing’ is a thing in Japan…

8. Where are your parents?!

9. It’s not just Street View that’s creepy! This looks like a man dragging a body.

10. No thanks. We’re fine up here..

11. How did you get in there?!

Have you ever spotted anything creepy on Google Maps? Let us know in the comments.
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