A New Japanese Painting Supply Store Lines its Walls With 4,200 Different Pigments

This should be the ultimate store for all artists around the globe! Warehouse TERRADA company assigned to japanese architect Kengo Kuma the design of the new concept Pigment, an art supply laboratory and store that just opened in Tokyo.

The result is nothing less than amazing as the bamboo decorated store along with the light opened spaces, gives you the feeling of the outdoors, boosting your imagination as soon as you cross the entry. Plus, inside of the store, things get better and better, as thousands of pigments glass vials and an enormous variety of brushes and other art supplies, challenge the eye of the artist.

And this is exactly the goal of Pigment stores; to provide hard-to-find tools for the preservation of older paintings techniques while also inspiring the latest generation of artists to incorporate these older materials into newer works. In addition to their selling services, the store will also provide workshops by both art professors and manufacturers of the supplies housed in-store.

For you who can't make a trip to Japan, you can select from Pigment’s large supply of pigments, brushes, glues, papers and etc on their online store.

via: thisiscolossal.com
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