A New Barbie Doll Channels Andy Warhol

The new Barbie Doll is an unexpected surprise! According to InStyle, the children’s toy company has collaborated with the Andy Warhol Foundation to create a Barbie doll that will be an identical tween of him, but in his female edition. From the white wig and sunglasses to the leather jacket and black-and-white striped shirt, this Barbie doll is Warhol except that she is slimmer, long leggy and large busted.

It's a fact that Warhol was actually a big fan of Barbies. He painted one the year before he died, “Barbie, Portrait of BillyBoy*” (1986), which was inspired by a young jewelry designer and muse who owned tens of thousands of Barbies. He also painted figurative ones — women like Marilyn Monroe and Jackie Kennedy who are still widely known for their physical images and their sense of style.

It's most likely that this Barbie doll will be sold out as most of the items connected to the iconic figure of Andy Warhol.

via: hyperallergic.com
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