Watch a Japanese Kokeshi Doll Emerge From a Spinning Block of Wood

Nowadays, the art of handmade craft tends to extinct. Technology and machines have deprived human from the pleasure of creativity and have leaded to mass-produced goods. While a few centuries ago, everything had the grace of handmade craft, today only a few things are still made exclusively in hand.

One of these is the 400-year old Japanese art of creating kokeshi dolls. These traditional wooden statuettes were said to have been originally made as souvenirs to sell to people visiting the local hot springs in Northern Japan. Although there are about 10 different styles, each doll is made with a magnified head and cylindrical body lacking of arms or legs.

In the video, produced by tetotetote, an organization focusing on the arts and crafts of Sendai, Japan, Yasuo Okazaki transforms solid wood into the head and body using just a few tools. Okazaki’s “Naruko” style of making the dolls is a family heritage passing down to him from his father and features stripes at the top and bottom of the body and bangs with red headdresses. This man's art could only be described as mesmerizing.

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