Satirical Illustrations Portray How Police Officers From All Over The World “Do Their Job”

Police in Azerbaijan

With sketches which reflect, him and probably the majority of public opinion, Azerbaijani illustrator and painter Gunduz Agayev, in his series titled Global Police, gives a sarcastic perspective for police around the world.

From North Korea to Russia and Saudi Arabia, Agayev satirizes police behavior in countries where law is often blended and corruption reigns. From the other hand, there are illustrations that portray, always in a satirical way, the funny and kind side of policemen such as Brazil Police or Netherlands Police.

As usual, Agayev is a master of declarative illustrations, putting his own commentary on the democratic conditions and the limits of freedom in the countries of the world. A thought provocative series of images on police arbitrariness, the excess duty but also the relationship of the uniformed with the political leaderships, showing how sometimes funny but also dangerous police can be.

Police in North Korea

Police in Brasil

Police in USA

Police in USSR

Police in Sudan

Police in Iran

Police in Australia

Police in Netherlands

Police in Russia

Police in London

Police in China

Police in India

Erdogan in Turkey

Police in Arab Emirates

Police in Sweden

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