Photographer combines the nude human body with the natural world

Nature has always been the place where human can feel free. Camping under the stars, swimming in a lake or walking through the woods are experiences that bring us closer to the mother nature and liberate us. Finnish-American photographer, Arno Rafael Minkkinen has taken this notion one step further by taking nude self-portraits in the landscapes. For Minkkinen, who takes these self-portraits over the past 40 years, nudity is connected to spirituality and the sense of freedom that only nature and the lack of clothes can give.

The subtle lines existing between Minkkinen and his surroundings make it difficult to distinguish the human form from nature. Human body is tangled with sand, water and trees and all make stunning backdrops for the black and white images, which emit a true sense of Zen. Minkkinen's first solo show is now open at the Catherine Edelman Gallery in Chicago.

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