Nude Models Create Rorschach Tests With Their Bodies (NSFW)

In this stunning project titled “Klecksography”, photographer Olivier Valsecchi has created powerful images that depict the various ways the body can move and interact to other bodies, and the different shapes this union can create.

Valsecchi’s photos present these bodies almost like sculptures due to the way their explosive movements and the softness of their skin have been captured. The result is overwhelming, a proof to the exceptional photographic skills of Valsecchi, whose black-and-white shots consist a perfect documentation of his subjects.

Valsecchi's inspiration for this series was the works of Swiss psychiatrist Rorschach, whose method includes ink-stained shapes that form mirrored images, which he used to diagnose mental illness. Here Valsecchi uses his method to explore his subconsciousness and build symmetry through his subjects, who pose next to each other.

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