How Old Would Disney Princesses Be Today?

We have said it before. Disney princessess are a huge inspiration for so many people who reimagine them in different forms.

This time, Brazilian artist Isaque Arêas worked out how old each of the characters would be now based on their age in the movie and its released date and decided to illustrate as he imagined what seven of the beautiful princessess might look like now. Isaque, who shares his artwork on his Facebook page, has given to the iconic princessess a more realistic version depicting that youth isn't eternal as he paints the princesses with wrinkles and grey hair and adapts their haircut to suit their age.

The youngest princess is Mulan, who was 16 in 1998 when the film was released, which would make her 33 now and the eldest of the group is Snow White, who was 14 when her adaptation movie hit the screens in 1937 and would now be an incredible 92 - and still looking fabulous.

22-Years old Isaque says he has been drawing since he was a child after his parents enrolled him in a design course to develop his talents and cites Disney and Marvel as his favourites.

Images: Courtesy of Isaque Arêas, Life, Art and Times/Facebook
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