Brilliant photos show the world's FASTEST selfies as people pose for pictures while being blasted by air travelling at 270mph

Imagine someone trying to take a selfie and being blasted by air travelling at 270 mph. Well, these photos should be really hilarious and we have the documents to prove it.

Photography company Hashtag has erected a special stand in many British cities including Bristol and Manchester. What is this stand? This is a photo booth that "blasts" with air that reaches 270 mph people in person, while they are photographed.

The result is funny and impressive at the same time as they are met with the equivalent of one G, a force which bent and contorted their faces into odd shapes. The terrified expressions on the faces of the people who were coming in to be photographed are hilarious too. None of them can keep his mouth shut. One of the bold who wanted to be photographed with her daughter said: «I was in the train, and I saw it and thought it really a good idea to start Monday morning this way. Certainly woke us up and drove away the spiders ...! "The 21 year old daughter added:" It was quick, it was too fast. Nevertheless it was very funny, we spent very nice. "

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