You’re Just Another Brick in the Wall with Brad Spencer!

As soon as we found out about the creative brick artworks of artist Brad Spencer, the only song spinning in our minds is Pink Floyd's "Another Brick in the Wall" .

Brad uses bricks to produce eye-catching, realistic sculptures. Each piece of work in the sculptor’s growing collection is an original look at a common material used in an unorthodox way. The fact that bricks are generally an architectural material whose uses rarely extend beyond anything more than a wall makes the venture more interesting.

Brad explains why he decided to choose bricks as his material of choice: “Brick sculpture can be dated back to ancient Babylon but remains a fresh and interesting enhancement to any building, wall or environment. The brick medium has all the same characteristics of durability and low maintenance as a brick building, blends well in settings where other brick construction is present, looks good with landscaping and has a familiarity which is comforting to people.”

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