8 million flower petals flooded the streets of a town in Costa Rica

A small town to Costa Rica was showered by 8 million petals and this amazing spectacle was captured in the video below. The video doesn't involve CGI, it's totally real and is part of Sony’s new 4k TV marketing campaign. Sony partnered up with ad agency McCann and photographer Nick Meek, to make the fantastical scene come to life.

It was not in the slightest easy for this ad campaign to be realized as it took the team two weeks to collect the most vibrant, multi-coloured flower petals and leaves, eventually weighing 3.5 tons in total. A British special effects team was also brought in to create the volcanic eruptions and petal tsunamis that eventually covered the entire village.

And if you wonder why are the petals 8 millions, it's due to the number of pixels on the 4K TV’s screen. The video was created to show the screen’s sharpness and clarity.

via: lostateminor.com
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