15 Extremely Inappropriate Things Found In Children’s Books

1.“I need boys – for pleasure island”
He needs what? For what island?

The next 15 photos will leave you speechless! Not because most of them are really shocking for an adult but because the worst thing is that these photos are pictured in books addressed to the minor audience, namely to the kids.

I don't know what the illustrators or authors were thinking but most of them are at least inappropriate for a young kid's book.

2. The Kiss With which part of her body is she kissing?

3. About awkwardness
Have you ever seen a child having a morning of awkwardness with a sheep? And was it naked? And what did they do?

4. If you laugh, you are a total pussy
A game for children. Luckily there is an image explaining the game for children who can’t yet read.

5. No children would ever want to know more about what happens in the Rogers’ house

6. Is this the right way to teach about a horse’s anatomy?

7. No one wants to know

8. Why is the lions’ love life of children’s concern?

9. Sit and watch what?

10. “Dick, Dick what did you lick?”
A wiener dog named Dick licking a sausage

11. I’m pretty sure this is not how turtles sleep

12. Fellow Fags
Fellow what?

13. No child would ever want to join

14. A book teaching children how to satisfy a cow

15. A classic Hungarian cartoon teaching children the basics

via: art-sheep.com
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