Wi-Fi: A Silent Killer That Kills Us Slowly

Wi-Fi stands for wireless networks provide you a connection to many devices without all those tangled cables. Nowadays, Wi-Fi is everywhere, even in places where it is not necessarily needed. It is most compatible with mobile phones, and companies who make these give out specific instructions for the services they offer so they do not put our health at risk.

However, things are not as bright as they seem. Believe it or not, Wi-Fi kills us slowly without any warning.
Wireless devices like tablets and phones connect online via routers. This device sends out WLAN signals, or electromagnetic waves which, unfortunately, most of us don't know that they can cause serious damage.

Most people aren't aware of this, usually due to their lack of knowledge regarding this issue. But, according to scientific researches, over time, these signals affect the body and harm its vital functions. The British Health Agency conducted a study according to which routers affect the growth of both people and plants.

Wi-Fi exposure has the following consequences to your health:
  • chronic fatigue
  • ear ache
  • poor concentration
  • frequent and severe headaches
  • sleeping disorders
Modern world is strongly related to technology, and that is a fact. What you should do is learn how to protect yourselves and your family from the dangers it hides. We give you some useful tips on how to use your router safely or at least decrease any potential danger.

How to be protected from WLAN signals
  • disconnect any Wi-Fi program before you go to bed
  • turn off your Wi-Fi whenever you do not need it
  • if possible, replace home wireless phones with cable devices
  • do not keep your router in your kitchen or bedroom
via: viralalternativenews.com
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