When You’re Dead, You Can Get Your Tattooed Skin Preserved and Framed as Art

You may regard this idea creepy or original, but in every case, it can't go unnoticed. The National Association For Preservation Of Skin Art (NAPSA) is giving his members the chance to preserve their tattoos when they will pass away so they can be given to loved ones as a gift. More specifically, people who join NAPSA will get a certificate with which after his death, NAPSA should be notified within 18 hours. A specialist will then remove their tattoo, preserve it, frame it and send it to their beloved ones.

According to founding member of NAPSA, Charles Hamm: “I’m pretty much tattooed from my neck down to my waist, with the exception of a couple little spots here and there. They all have meanings to me—my grandson designed a couple, and I even had one of my business partners develop one for me. And I’m quite proud of them, they’re very big works of art—I probably have $10,000 on my back, and it is a piece of art.”

Scary or interesting? It's certainly one of the most unusual artistic ideas we have ever heard, exclusively dedicated to tattoo lovers. In the images below, you may take a look on some examples of the framed tattoos.

via: artfido.com
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