What Happens When You Remove Men From Politics

There are so many times that it has been widely discussed the women gap in so many sectors. Politics is undeniably one of these, where female lag behind men. It's certainly a lonely place if you are a woman politician. Exploring this idea, ElleUK’s #MoreWomen created a video where regular group shots of politicians and leaders are being contrasted with the ones where men has been removed via Photoshop. It's a sad fact that only a very few women are left in the room.

The video was created by Alex Holder and Alyssa Boni. “Elle’s #MoreWomen campaign is designed to address this by encouraging collaboration – we’re not in competition with each other, we refuse to believe there is only room for one woman and we firmly believe that one woman’s success makes every other woman stronger,” said Holder.

More info: Elle UK | rsafilms.com
via: demilked.com
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