Tribe in Ethiopia Turns Trash Into Interesting Jewellery

The quote “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure” found its spokesman on the Daasanach tribe from Ethiopia’s Omo Valley. This tribe has a truly creative and artistic spirit as despite of their poverty nothing stops them from adorning themselves. They make brilliant piece of jewelry made of every kind of garbage they can find.

These beautiful head-wares are worn differently in every stage of life. Children get to wear the most plain wigs regardless of their sex, whereas the oldest women wear the most impressive ones. Men only wear bottle-caps wigs until they get married and in the later stages of their lives they wear more simple headpieces.

French photographer Eric Lafforgue has spent many years exploring the customs of this tribe, providing us with some amazing shots of these people showing off their hand-made and eco-friendly headpieces. They refuse to sell them as within the years they’ve become an inseparable part of their identities.

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