The Human Impact on the Planet Is Exposed in 20 Shocking Images

1. A surfer riding through debris

Photograph: Zak Noyle

Over the past century and the new millenium, the human impact on the planet has been dramatically increased. Climate change is a fact and it concerns us all, being poor or rich. The tremendous acumulation of plastic and other toxic materials, the deforestation and the pollution are few of the plagues that afflict our planet. The photos below depict the shocking truth of our planet dying out.

Humanity destroys the earth's treasures with its invasion everywhere and by not letting nature the space to grow and heal itself. These visual examples are terrifically alarming if you keep in mind that our current extinction rate is 1000x the background level and that wild animal populations have shrunk an average of 52% in 40 years. If this continues, it will be too late very soon.

2. Deforestation in British Columbia, Canada

Photograph: Garth Lentz

3. Animal agriculture

Photograph: Peter Beltra

4. Kowloon City in Hong Kong

5. Mexico City, urban sprawl

Photograph: Pablo Lopez Luz

6. Port au Prince, Haiti

7. Crop “desert” in China, no room for nature

8. Deforestation in Brazil

9. Plastic moves up the food chain

10. Cheap fossil energy won’t last forever, and it certainly wasn’t free

11. The Yangtze River turning red

12. Alberta Tar Sands, where there was once a boreal forest

Photo by Garth Lenz

13. The Deepwater Horizon crisis

14. What was once a forest in Oregon is now a wasteland

15. Oil filters in Seattle, 2003

Photography: Chris Jordan

16. Junkyard full of metal scraps

Photography: Chris Jordan

17. Mountain of phone chargers

Photography: Chris Jordan

18. Sea of cellphones

Photography: Chris Jordan

19. Clearcutting in Finland

20. Fish die-off at Redondo Beach, California

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