Spectacular Facial Hairstyles at the 2015 World Beard and Moustache Championships

Beard and mustache are the absolute trend right now. So, the National Beard and Moustache Championships ( yes, there is such thing) that took place this year in the alpine town of Leogang, Austria gathered over 300 men from 20 different countries who proudly demonstrated their extravagant facial hair.

The first World Beard and Moustache Championship was held in 1990, and since then, this pageant for men has flourished. A panel of specialist judges select what they regard to be the most well-groomed, original, and unique beards in each of the three main categories—Moustache, Partial Beard, and Full Beard. Within these groups there are 18 sub-categories, including best goatee, best stubble, and a freestyle round where the men are judged based on their originality and design. This event occurs every few years, in a different country each time, and was previously held in Norway in 2011, and Alaska in 2009.

If you missed your chance to show off your eccentric beard or moustache, there's another opportunity to display your facial hair grooming skills at the 2015 Just for Men National Beard and Moustache Championships, which will be taking place on November 7, 2015 in Brooklyn, New York.

Austrian photojournalist Jan Heitfleisch took numerous photos at the event documenting the most epic beards and moustaches. In the photos below, there is a collection of some of our favorites.

Full Beard Freestyle category winner

Moustache Freestyle category winner

All images by Jan Heitfleisch unless stated otherwise.
via: mymodernmet.com
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