Refugees, the tunnel of the Mediterranean: Malta and Sapri are joined by one mural

Red pants and slippers at his feet, a giant man with rips with impulse the wall of a house in Sliema, Malta. His face will appear about 700 kilometers away, in Italy. On the wall of a house in Sapri, in the province of Salerno, that face is displayed in all its fatigue and despair. The double wall of French street artist MTO has the emblematic title: "The Mediterranean Tunnel - The tunnel of the Mediterranean".

The artist was inspired by the journey of the refugees who depart daily from the African coast to arrive in Italy with the hope, often betrayed, to be able to go to Northern Europe. "Malta takes the dead and sends the living in Italy," writes MTO in the description of the photo on his Facebook page, referring to the standoff between Malta and Italy in the rescue of the refugees.

Only this year, thousands of men, women and the worst kids and infants have been drowned in the Mediterranean sea to an effort to save themselves and their families from the war zones. This mural points their agony and pain as well the analgesia of the european governments to react successfully towards this tragedy.

In the last image of MTO 's mural, the refugee appears tensed as he tries to escape from this tunnel towards his freedom. The design, which is right in front of the sea, was completed during the festival of street art of Sliema in Malta.

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