Origami Artist Creates Charming Animals with Unique Wet Folding Technique

Since Hoang Tien Quyet was a kid, he had a passion for folding paper, enjoying its transformation into a three dimensional object. As an adult, he continued experimenting with paper and eventually joined a Vietnam Origami Group forum. It was there that he came across to a lesser-known technique called wet folding, shared by people with the same enthusiasm. Quyet now uses it to create charming animal figures like roosters, lions, foxes, and more.

The late origami master Akira Yoshizawa was the pioneer of the wet folding technique . As the name suggests, water is included, and it’s used to soften the paper during the folding process. The results are flowing, curved folds with rounded forms. But despite the pliable appearance, the creations are often stiff and shell-like.

The unconventional technique is a perfect fit for Quyet, as it sculpts elegant, fluid creatures that have an incredible realistic presence. “I like working with new and fresh ideas, and always try to breathe life and my personality into my models,” he writes. “I hope people can also feel that from my work.”

via: mymodernmet.com
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