Inside The Dark World of LA's Street Gangs

In pop culture, Los Angeles is considered to be the city of angels, the city of glamour, celebrities and show business. However, LA has a dark side that rarely comes to sight. Deep within its suburbs Latino street gangs rule this city in their own rules, rituals, politics and personalities.

LA based freelance photographer, Robert Yager (his work has been featured in The New York Times Magazine, Fortune, Fader, Esquire, Interview, Rolling Stone, Newsweek and TIME) records this unseen part of the city through his outspoken photos of the gang members in Los Angeles, since 1991.

Yager was always interested in street culture and besides his studies in Photography in US, he have also studied Latin American Studies in the UK & Mexico, before he decided to set foot in the dark and dangerous world of Latino street gangs. His documents, reflecting the cruel reality of another LA, are really priceless.

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