Humorous Street Signs and Other Contextual Street Art Interventions by Michael Pederson

Going for a walk in the parks, the uptown and the industrial areas of Sydney, Australia, you will come across with numerous signs and placards like warnings, traffic regulations, helpful guides, and city services. However, if you look more closely, you may run into a piece of art.

Australian street artist Michael Pederson creates urban interventions in the form of humorous and sceptical signs that blend into the city backdrop. Pederson incorporates in his artworks elements from the urban environment like park benches or abandoned furniture in order to catch the viewer's eye and spread messages meant to get people out of their daily routine and see the world in a more thoughtful or even childish way.

If you like Pederson installations, you can see more on his "Miguel Marquez Outside" Tumblr blog.
via: Lustik
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