Disney's New 3D Coloring Books Revolutionize the Way We See 2D Drawings

In the near future, paper coloring books will retreat giving their place in the new hi-tech coloring books. Disney Research is working in this direction to embrace technology with creativity. Their latest idea to inspire kids is through an app that lets kids see a coloring book character in 3D, as they’re drawing it. Technology is rapidly evolving and this project would be a reality soon. The 3D coloring book tracks and captures real-time images from a device’s camera and then maps them onto any 3D deformable surface.

If, you still are suspicious about its operation, Disney Research uploaded a video introducing their research paper called "Live Texturing of Augmented Reality Characters from Colored Drawings". One instance shows a completely-colored octopus, and as the flat drawing is rotated, the tablet simultaneously displays a three-dimensional view of its body.

The app is still in a research phase, and Disney has yet to provide a date for when it might be available. Imagine how breathtaking experience would be for the little artists! For the first time, they will be able to shadow all the three dimensions of animals or their famous animated characters.

via: mymodernmet.com
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