Artist Photoshops Her Fat Cat Into Famous Artworks

4th October is World Animal Day and we owe to make at least one post for them in order to honor their contribution to art.

Something like that Svetlana Petrova should think when she decided to incorporate her beautiful fat cat named Zarathustra via photoshop in many classic masterpieces like the Mona Lisa (by da Vinci), the Birth of Venus (Botticelli) , Napoleon Crossing the Alps (by Jacques-Louis David) , The Persistence of Memory (by Salvador Dali) and more.

Petrova admits that Zarathustra is her muse for this project. It's true that the least you would expect to see in these famous artworks is a cat, but the result is really interesting and funny. After all, how can you ignore a 22 pounds (10 kg) gracefull feline? If you are interested in Petrova's photoshoot paintings, you can visit

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