Any Animal That Touches This Lethal Lake Turns to Stone

Lake Natron is a salt and soda lake in the Arusha Region of northern Tanzania. Due to its extremely basic alkalinity with a constant pH of 9 to 10.5, it's also a death trap for every animal will touch its water as the chemical composition of the lake petrify them.

Captivated by the unearthly beauty of these creatures, photographer Nick Brandt in his new book titled "Across the Ravaged Land" captures them through his camera lens. The result is absolutely stunning but horrifying as these ghostly 'Statues' seem eternal prisoners and also guardians of the lake. Below there is a small collection of his haunting images. You may see more in Brandt’s book.

All images via © Nick Brandt 2013 Courtesy of Hasted Kraeutler Gallery, NY
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