Always Wanted A Stuffed Animal Clone of Your Favourite Pet? Now you Can

If your are a pet lover, you certainly hate the idea to be apart of your favourite friend. Now you can cuddle it even if you are away. Not exactly itself but a tiny adorable replica of it.
Cuddle Clones is the company behind this original idea, that can provide you with a fluffy clone that can go where a real pet can’t: to work, on long holidays, or off to University.
The company will send their tiny fluffy clones anywhere in the world and make two versions for bigger and smaller animals.

Their variety is not limited on cats and dogs but they’ll recreate horses, guinea pigs, rabbits and pretty much any other pet. You are also able to choose the pose of your pet, standing, sitting or lying down and their mouth, ear positions, eye colours, and tail position.
At $US 139 to $US 199 for a toy clone it’s not cheap, but their work is so realistic that it seems like hugging your real pet. The photos below testify it.

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