After Slowly Dying For 10 Years, Artist Starts Seeing Abstract Art When She Closes Her Eyes


This is certainly one of the strangest stories you will ever heard. The case of the artist Eugenia Loli is everything but usual. After her ten year battle with a chronic condition due to the consumption of gluten, she was cured and then something magical happened. Inspiration struck her and the results were overwhelming. And this way, her creativity flourished.

If you are still confused, Eugenia writing on Bored Panda explains “When that happened, and I started healing, my brain sort of re-wired,” “I’d close my eyes in the shower, and I’d see abstract art. I’d go to bed at night, and I’d see abstract art. I’d laugh hard, and I’d see abstract art. And all of that, when completely sober! My husband insisted it’s just me, healing, but I felt like it was someone programming my mind.” She ends telling “Art flourished late for me, it was almost on a “paused” mode it seems, but it finally did arrive when I was ready for it.”
More info: | flickr (h/t: boredpanda)

Rising Mountain

Spring Crop

OCD Lady

Weight Loss Wrap

Light It Up



Natural History Museum

Gold Digging


Gem Roast

Mermaid Three


Candy Bomber

Rocky Start

Other Side

Stress Test

Bermuda a’la Soup

Bad taste

Urban Camouflage

Up or Down

Is There a Prize at the End of All This?

Storm in a Cup

Every Act of Creation is First an Act of Destruction

High Attitude


Taste Bud Regrowth

Xtreme Sports

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