Hayao Miyazaki to Invest Own Funds to Create Nature Park for Children in Okinawa

In a previous post, we mentioned Hayao Miyazaki’s huge contribution to animated art that many times is compared to that of Walt Disney. So, it's time to introduce you his new project, “The Forest Where the Wind Returns”. Beware! It's not a new movie, it's something better, it's a nature park!

Miyazaki is willing to donate 300 million yen (approximately $2.5 million USD) of his own money to create a place where the children can be close to nature in order to commune with it and live for a while to a natural environment far away from the big cities. Nowadays, too many children ignore nature not because they want to, but because they never had the chance to meet the natural world.

The most important thing is that the natural landscape will not be altered by the human hand as all the play equipment in the proposed park will incorporate the trees and boulders that already exist, so the children to be able to interact with nature. In addition, the park will provide a 2-story library and sleeping quarters to house up to 30 children from the surrounding area.

“The Forest Where the Wind Returns” will open in the Zendo Forest Park on Kume Island in Okinawa in about two years and the design firm that Miyazaki has teamed up is Kume Creation.

via: spoon-tamago.com
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