Full Moon Lamp Provides Mystical Glow to Set Tranquil Mood

When I was a kid, I had paper stars and moon glued in the ceiling, that during the day stocked daylight and when the night fell, they were glowing in the dark. I remember me watching them till I fell asleep and the feeling was so good... It was like I had the sky in my bedroom. If you know what I'm talking about or you had a set of stars and moon too, you will love the project below.

Acorn Studio, a Taiwan-based company, created Luna, their Indiegogo-funded series of moon lanterns that bring an element of magic to interior design. From now on, you can enjoy the sight of the full moon every night in the space you wish for. Every Luna is hand crafted and unique and each comes with a cord and Halogen light bulb, as well as adjustable luminosity settings. There are seven sizes available, and the lanterns can be hung from the ceiling or left freestanding.

The moon was always considered to influence people's mood, it had a great place in mythology and it was covered by a veil of mystery as they couldn't explain it. It was always a particularly powerful symbol of all things mystical and divine. Even nowadays, that moon and stars are scientifically explained, it still has the ability to enchant humans. These lanterns will help to transform your living space with the timeless glow of a full moon and at the same time will make you feel stress free and relaxed. Who said that modern tecknology hasn't space for the natural world?

via: mymodernmet.com
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