Best Pictures Of July 2015 By The Magazine National Geographic

Godafoss – one of the most famous Iceland's waterfalls.. (Photo by Ed Graham)

Fireflies (Photo Steed Yu)

Forest baobabs in Madagascar. This tree is an important source of water – it can be stored in the trunk to 4000 liters.(Photo by Marsel van Oosten)

Surfing in Hawaii. (Photo by Sarah Lee)

The white rhinoceros, the second-largest land animals on the planet after the elephant. (Photo Stefane Berube)

Fishing with cormorants in China. When birds and man cooperate for food. (Photo Abderazak Tissoukai)

The crack in the ice on Lake Baikal. (Photo by Alexey Trofimov)

To meet the sun. Meerkats are heated at dawn. (Photo by Clemens Capek)

Diver and sunken cargo ship in the Caribbean island of Bonaire. (Photo by Marc Henauer)

Sunset over Jersey City. (Photo by Tsuyoshi Shirahama)

Sleepy Camel, Egypt. (Photo by Claire Thomas)

Killer whales. (Photo: Paul Nicklen)

Fox having a suspicious look. (Photo by Fred Lemire)

A man with a lantern in Yosemite National Park. (Photo by Christian Fernandez)

Indignation. (Photo by Mohd Khorshid)

Humpback whale. Of all the whales, it's considered the most playful. (Photo by David Howells)

Here I am!(Photo by Cezary Wyszynski)

Golden Eye. Widely known,chameleons have the ability to change the color and pattern of the body. The color change is due to structural features of the skin. (Photo Florence Bennett)

Lionfish in the Red Sea. This is a predatory fish. They can safely swallow fish up to two-thirds of its own. These fish attack their victims with their needles. (Photo by Christian Schlamann)

A storm in Iowa. (Photo by Paul Brooks)

(National Geographic)
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