An Artist’s Struggle With Depression in Photography

Nowadays depression and anxiety increase rapidly and more and more people suffer from panic attacks, but still people consider these disorders as a taboo. Fortunately, there are people who don't afraid to confront their demons and speak out about these psychological disorders without the fear to be stigmatized.

Photographer Edward Honaker is such a person, who don't discouraged by his situation but he found a way to turn all this in pure creativity. He has produced a portfolio of images that shows how he experiences depression. Falling and immersion in water are common in his work, as well as literal loss of face. Edward was diagnosed with depression 2 years ago and made the depression portfolio as a way of self-healing and at the same time to encourage other people suffering from this scourge of our era.

In an interview Edward said: “When I was making the portfolio, I asked myself if I was the kind of person whom others would feel comfortable coming to if they were going through a difficult time and needed someone to talk to”. “Truthfully, at the time, I don’t think I was. I’ve still got quite a ways to go, but the whole experience made me a lot more patient and empathetic towards others.”

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