Human Nature Exposed through Hand Crafted Stone Animals by Beth Cavener Stichter

Beth Cavener Stichter, a Washington-based artist, sculpts human-sized animals from clay and other materials aiming to make them almost anthropomorphic in order to portray the two conflicting natures within us, the animalistic one and the human one. “On the surface,” shares Stichter, “these figures are simply feral animals suspended in a moment of tension. Beneath the surface, they embody the consequences of human fear, apathy, aggression, and misunderstanding.”

Stichter collaborates with a variety of artists in her work, including Alessandro Gallo, who designed and painted the amazing ornate Japanese tattoos on the nineteen-foot long anaconda snake depicted in Tangled Up in You seen below. There’s much more to see over on her website and several studio views on Hi-Fructose. All images courtesy the artist.

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