Artist Tatsuya Tanaka’s Daily Miniature Photo Project Carries On For Over 4 Years And It's Still Amazing

Photographer and art director Tatsuya Tanaka has been using everyday objects, we all have to our houses (like rice, fruit, vegetables etc. ) to pair with tiny figurines, turning them all into creative and realistic scenes plucked from everyday life. A Bedouin travels on a sponge that is turned into the Sahara Desert and two ninjas battle on a wafer! Tatsuya Tanaka started this work four years ago, since 2011 and he luckily keeps walking and gets better and better. “The idea came from a comment on instagram, in which a follower wrote, ‘I want to see the miniature calendar everyday‘,” Tanaka said in an online interview. “So, while I answered by posting something daily, the thought of the project was too good for me to quit.” I am so amazed by what he is doing as he finds creativity in the most ordinary objects that I wouldn't give a second glimpse proving that art could be everywhere!

New photos from Miniature Calendar are uploaded every day on Instagram and Facebook. Tanaka also published a book of earlier miniature photos in a book titled Miniature Life.

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