24 Gorgeous Women That Totally Define Retro Cool

Surfing on the web and the social networks, I sometimes can’t overcome with an acute nostalgia for the beautiful iconic women of old times. And by old times, I don’t mean centuries ago, just a few decades when grace and class found their meaning in their faces. Looking back to these iconic symbols of femininity makes me wonder what happened in the meantime and these skills are so rare. Is it maybe the excessive effort to be desirable, the constant selfies, the tendency to be more shocking and scandalous, the fact that our clothes becomes smaller and tighter? The answers are various but the truth is that at some point we crossed the line and we lost our sense of style and even class to an extent.

Of course, fashion and beauty are constantly evolving but we sometimes need a reminder of classic, effortless beauty. In the following 25 iconic photos, you’ll admire these beauties full of grace and class. Some of them are long range actresses, some of them are girls next door, but yet they both are the very definition of retro cool.

via: sobadsogood.com
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