10 steam punk Sculptures Made from Old Watch Parts

Susan Beatrice is an artist and sculptor based out of Glassboro, New Jersey, USA. She started "All Natural Arts" as a homage to nature. She ensures that her designs are 100 % eco friendly. The artist deeply cares for the environment and that's why she exclusively uses recycled and upcycled materials in order to repurpose objects that are combined with natural elements into unique and eco-friendly items.
The sculptures range from animals like lions and monkeys to supernatural and mythical creatures like fairies and dragons. Beatrice writes that her recycled sculptures are earth-friendly and artistic items sensitive to the limits of our natural resources.

The photos below disclose some of the most fascinating sculptures that the artist has created from old watch parts. Many of them are contained within the restrictive confines of a pocket watch.

If you are interested in a piece of art or jewelry, please contact Susan direct (info [at] allnaturalarts.com). She accepts Paypal and will ship worldwide.

via: twistedsifter.com

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