Save The Children: Most Shocking Second a Day Video

You Are Going to Burst Into Tears

The UK charity, Save the Children produced this shocking second a day video that you will never forget. Save the Children released the Most Shocking Second a Day video on March 5, 2014. It created unprecedented buzz and virality for the organization. The ad aids to waken us all by depicting the terrifying transformation from an ideal life for a girl in London, to a life of war and terror as the city is destroyed around her.

The point was to show that just because the conflict in Syria isn’t happening in London, it is still happening, it could really be anywhere in the world. The video with its pure and cruel honesty gives a punch in the viewer's stomach. This is what war does to children. So, let's think for a moment of all those children in the world who they don't wish fancy presents for their birthday but just a safe home. For all those children, our children after all , we owe to make an effort to make earth a safer ,war-free place.

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