These First 4 Photos Were Just Kinda Neat. Then I Saw the 5th One… It Put My Jaw On The Floor.

Trust me when I say this – it's not what it seems. You might think you know what you see when looking at the first four pictures, but what you’re looking at it's actually one of the most incredible things I’ve seen in a long time. Mind-blowing art in fact.
Check the image below.

You’re probably wondering what it's so impressive about someone covering his face in paint.

But trust me, there's something amazing going on here.

Can you see it? Not yet?

Still? Prepare yourself for the next image...

Whoa! Those previous pictures were not photos of a man with paint on his face, but they were actually incredible hyperrealistic oil paintings (of a man with paint on his face).

Did you see that coming? No, right? In the following video, the amazing artist explains his art.

These incredibly photorealistic self-portraits are the work of Spanish painter Eloy Morales. Eloy is one of the best hyperrealistic painters in the world, not only because his paintings have photographic quality but also because they possess a kind of life to them. Tricking the viewer into thinking they are actually looking at photographs. I sure did. Didn't you too?

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