The Most Common Sleeping Positions

Do you have an idea about what your sleeping position reveals about you? A great indicator to find out some details about your personality is the sleep position. Check the image, find what picture represents you, then read the meaning.
Foetus: These are usually guff people, but with warm and open hearts. They appear tough, but they are actually very sensitive.

Log: This position`s fans are very relaxed and sociable people.
Yearner: This kind of sleepers are quite reserved. They are open to new things, but very suspicious and cynical. Once they make up their mind, they stick to it.
Soldier: They are quiet people, who set a very high standard for themselves
Freefaller: They tend to be confident, but have a very nervous personality and do not like criticism. They are very good at making quick decisions.
Starfish: These are very good listeners. They are very friendly, but don`t like being the center of attention

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