El Empleo / The Employment — One Of The Most Multi Award-Winning Animated Short Movie Has Ever Been Made

Argentina-based illustrator and animator Santiago 'Bou' Grasso, created this amazing award-winning that gives a whole new meaning to "the working man" .

El Empleo (The Employment ) constitutes a somber metaphor in which the black humor and a critical look in the world are used in order to reveal the reality in modern societies where people are more and more considered as "utilitarian objects".

It's truly a must-see, one of the most descriptive animated short films I have ever seen. Its message is powerful and inspirational for all of us.

El Empleo / The Employment has won 106 International Awards since it was released in 2008.

Direction: Santiago 'Bou' | Grasso Idea: Patricio Plaza Animation: Santiago Grasso / Patricio Plaza | Production company: Opusbou
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