Two Grandmas Test Out One Lamborghini Murcielago. The Results Are Hilarious!

It is known that laughter is medicine, and confronting with the daily stress, we all could benefit from an enormous fountain of laughter like the video below that explores the idea of two grandmas testing a 650 hp Lamborghini.

The two grandmas, Audrey and Peggy, first have to figure out how to work the car’s trademark i.e. its vertical doors. As soon as they do that, they get into the extravagant supercar Audrey remarks “You call it ‘lambo’ I call it ‘ghini’!” and with that they’re off! Not so much, Peggy puts it into drive and almost hits the garage door. Once she figures out how to reverse, they’re off!The pair are headed out to do some errands and head to the grocery store.

On the way there everyone they pass by stares and turns their heads, some even take pictures. Of course, Lamborghini draws all the attention and the fact that two grandmas are driving in it, with one waving out the window like royalty, make it nearly impossible for anyone to not stop and stare! Watching them is hilarious, specially when referring to themselves as “Lamborghini Queens” . These two teach the art of having a good time and seem more like teenagers than someone’s grandma. By the end, this hilarious and adorable video will make your day and cheer you up!

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