These Look Like Abstract Paintings, But Take A Closer Look And Be Blown Away

When thinking of a canvas, we typically think one way to use it, to paint on it. However, one artist duo has taken the usage of a canvas to a whole new level by creating awesome art by the canvas itself. Meet Stallman, the artistic duo of Stephen Stum and Jason Hallman who are partners in both life and work. This creative team uses canvas and paint in an innovative way, creating beautiful swirling, abstract pieces.

Stallman takes strips of painted canvas and balances it on its edge, creating looping, swirling scrollwork that turns into an abstract image.
By using different colors, the canvas surfaces can reflect off one another, creating a shimmering effect that changes depending on the angle it's viewed from.
The duo works together on each piece, melding their individual creativities into single images. "Each length of painted canvas is bonded to itself and to the background creating a rigid structure within the frame," the pair explains.

Particular attention and care is needed in each piece, especially to the flow of the canvas and the gradient of the colors.
"The hue of the painted canvas reflects on the background creating a spectrum of color. By using reflecting light, pigment, and structure, they can multiply the hues and tones within each sculpture."

But as you can see, the result justifies all the hard work:

These artworks are part of a series called Canvas on Edge and fall somewhere between painting and sculpture.

For Hallman and Stum, inspiration is everywhere, from organic forms to oceanscapes. When creating their work, the artists consider themselves to be two halves of the same brain, working together but at the same time pooling their individual abilities to create something that showcases the best of both of them. "Our union of dynamic minds dissolves the boundaries of what is possible turning the ordinary into extraordinary," they explain.

If you loved these unique artwork, you can see much more of Stallman's work, on, as well as on their Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest page.

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