Riveting Video Shows The Harmful Consequences Of Objectifying Women

Women Not Objects is a powerful new campaign that reveals the disturbing truth about the objectification of women in the advertising world and their lately released video with the hashtag #IStandUp is centered on the "toxicity" of the unrealistic beauty standards that TV and ads show in modern society. The video highlights some extremely harmful practices like the "Kylie Jenner lip challenge" and the wish for a "thigh gap" before pointing out how sexist ads have become by even supporting violence against women .

Women stand against this political with a young woman stating: "I just think that it's harming women psychologically, physically, mentally, socially."

Woman Not Objects aims to raise awareness and with the video wins the bet as it points with the best way that objectification of women concern us all. It's affecting our mothers, daughters, friends and more. It's a vicious circle and it must end it now!

If you support this idea, you can help by posting your own #IStandUp video. Film yourself standing up with the caption: #IStandUp against the objectification of women and the harm it causes. #WomenNotObjects Then tag your friends to stand up too. http://womennotobjects.com/ Twitter: @Not_Objects Instagram: @WomenNotObjects Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/womennotobjects

via: huffingtonpost.com
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